Salted Honey Whipped Cream

bowl of salted honey whipped cream with honey drizzle and berries

Salted honey whipped cream is a delicious and elegant addition to any sweet treat with a hint of salt, a touch of sweetness, and all the luxury of freshly whipped cream.



1/2 C heavy cream (chilled)
1 T honey
Pinch of sea salt


In a cold bowl, whip cream until you’re just shy of soft peaks.

Add in honey and sea salt and continue whipping until cream holds a soft (curved peak) when the whisk is pulled out of the bowl.

Serve immediately on your favorite dessert.


Use a fine salt for this, as a flakier one won’t dissolve as readily into the cream.

Start the cream in a cold bowl, with cold beaters, at a lower speed. When larger bubbles start to form, then push the speed up to medium-high.

Finish whipping by hand to avoid over whipping.

A soft peak refers to the shape the cream makes when you pull the whisk out of the bowl and invert it. It should stand up on its own, but flop over at the very tip.

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